What’s the CX buzz this week? (14th July, 2015)

We have two great pieces to share with you from customerbliss.com this week as part of CX Buzz.  Learn how to gracefully serve chicken with Chik-fil-A and while you are munching on that, Jeanne Bliss has some great insights into gaining consensus on your moments of truth and how to inspire CX creativity. This week’s CX Buzz is full of interesting tips and stats to help you on your way to successful, and of course, perfect customer experiences.

Are you not quite sure you have the consensus to define the experience you deliver to your customers? What about the stages of the experience? Most importantly have you mapped the touchpoints to know the most critical things that drive your revenue, and help you form lasting relationships with your customers? Who better to answer these questions than renowned author, Jeanne Bliss. As she says, "if you haven’t identified the opportunities that exist to give your customers a good experience, then you can’t manage it."

The hardest part of analytics is deciphering the data into crisp insights that can help you make better business decisions. In fact, performing marketing analytics accurately is much harder than most companies think. It is so much more than just throwing a big budget at it. You also need the right people to read that data. Daniel Kehrer discusses the intricacies of successful data analytics in a marketing world in this great piece.

It takes time spent with customers in their own context to empathically understand them; theorizing about them from a conference room will never be enough, says Toby Bottorf, Principal at Continuum. He is right. We talk about it all the time, but are we really doing enough to understand our customers and engage with them in a way that grabs their attention, and ultimately, their loyalty? From his experience, here are the three things he knows your customers keep asking for.


It doesn't get more detailed than this when talking about the customer journey. Dr Nicola J. Millard, Head of Customer Insight & Futures BT Global Innovation Team, gives this amazing interactive presentation, which is packed with insights and statistics to make your head spin. She makes understanding the customer journey into an art form.

Jim Rembach, in his own words, says that as a customer experience consultant, he looks at every consumer experience as a learning experience. It makes for interesting, if not mouth-watering, reading to see what he observed when he went into a Chik-fil-A branch, during lunch-time rush no less, to observe how their customer service operations are run. He even claims that they manage to move their customers through with grace. That must be quite an achievement for a fast food chain. Read on to find out how your contact center can also deliver customer service with grace.​​

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