What’s the CX buzz this week? (12th May, 2014)

Our team gathered a fantastic mix of informative articles for this week’s edition of CX Buzz. These articles cover topics ranging from the value of Big Data, to taking CX beyond the contact center, to foolish mistakes being made by contact centers. Each of these reads offer a degree of inspiration for all CX professionals, so be sure to share the knowledge with them!

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Big Data, Big Value, Big Leap Forward for Customer Experience [telecomreseller.com]  

We begin this week’s CX buzz by talking about Big Data and its impact on customer experience. Real-time, Big Data analytics is no longer a myth. This leaves many wondering why few companies able to provide an exceptional customer experience?

For any business, the hard part is taking the first step. What they need is a very actionable, two or three-stage strategy which can help start operationalizing customer response excellence. They need quick hits, so those phases are self-funding. Each action should be taken to pave the way toward analytically driven, Big Data-fueled interactions. It’s not science fiction – just hard work, creativity, and a strong customer focus.

Does Improving the Customer Experience Matter? [insurancetech.com]

There has been a jump in activities related to CX in insurance. Insurers are talking about it, studying it, planning to improve it, and investing in it. But, what is the customer experience really all about in insurance? At the most fundamental level, there are two very good questions insurers should consider. Who is the customer? What influences their experience? There is a third important question lurking in the background as well – Why does it all matter?

So, does improving the customer experience matter? The resounding answer is "yes," if the array of initiatives and resources insurers are devoting to this area are any indication. But, as in any undertaking, merely money or muscle won't guarantee success. A strategic focus on the key elements of the customer/agent experience can make all the difference. Understanding what is valued is the starting point.

Taking Customer Service beyond the Four Walls of the Contact Center [1to1media.com]

Today’s Omni-channel customers are prompting companies to provide support across any and all of the touch points they use. The developments reshaping customer service extend beyond Omni-channel. Forward-looking organizations are making more extensive use of predictive and speech analytics to gain a richer understanding of individual customers and cater to their needs, behaviors, and preferences.

Making these types of changes requires a shift in the cultural mindset. This includes a willingness among functional owners to share customer data with other parts of the organization. However, companies that adapt and provide customers with more seamless and agile support stand to strengthen customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Infographic: The Year of Customer Experience [newbrandanalytics.com]

2014 is undeniably the year of the customer experience, which has been supplemented by social media. Did you know that 80% of consumers shared their negative experiences on the Internet? Did you know 54% of the organizations are planning to collaborate with their customers?

We are sure you will enjoy this Infographic.

Addressing Common Contact Center Stupidity [offcenterinsight.com]

We end this week’s CX buzz with an article from CX expert Greg Levin who shared his opinions regarding common problems that plague the contact center industry.

Here are some of the activities which Greg does not approve of:

  • Borrowing another contact center’s Service Level or Response Time objective

  • Failing to incorporate customer feedback into coaching

  • Waiting for bleeding-edge technology to become boring

  • Treating agents like employees

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