What’s the CX buzz this week? (11th Aug, 2014)

For this week’s edition of CX Buzz, our team decided to touch on a variety of relevant topics from:  The voice of the customer, to best practices for providing customer experience in the contact center and to the changing role of the CMO.  These are some great reads and we are certain you will find a lot of use out of the facts, stats, and insights provided in this collection.  And don’t forget to share the knowledge with other CX professionals!

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Think BIG: How the Voice of the Customer Helps the Contact Center Drive the End-to-End Customer Experience [icmi.com]  

Our first article of this week’s CX Buzz, provides keys to successfully leverage the VOC.  Most call center directors view voice of the customer as feedback on how the CSR performed. This is called "Little VOC" that is internally focused. Then, there is "Big VOC." Big VOC describes how the company delivered on the end-to-end customer experience. Leveraging the Big VOC provides a bottom line impact 10-20 times the impact of simply improving contact handling. It's also an opportunity for the call center director to increase their influence, while reducing workload and CSR frustration.  If you invest in analysis, you can become the lead consultant to the COO and key functional executives on customer experience.

Four Lessons from the Red Carpet on Customer Service [forbes.com]

What would you do if a big client of yours is facing an issue with your company? You would definitely and immediately engage your entire concentration on solving the issue for this important client. Why not treat your existing customers the same way? As the author explains, if you’re too lazy to give them red-carpet customer service, someone else will. And, it will kill your business. Accenture found 51% of consumers switched firms in 2013 after experiencing poor service. Do you want to hold onto your business and see it grow? Then, read this article and follow the author’s advice to the T.

The Rebirth of the CMO [hbr.org]

The role of the CMO is undergoing a renaissance. Overly simplistic notions – “the people who do the advertising”– were based on stereotypes that never accurately reflected the range of responsibilities many CMOs had. Today, those notions are even more outdated and there are a variety of factors have both elevated and complicated the role of CMO.

Digital disruption has driven much of this shift. Digitally enabled tools and processes have altered what and how a business sells, flipped the tables on the typical customer relationship, introduced a glut of new channels and competitors, and made it harder for organizations to break through the “noise.” That shift has created an increasingly commoditized product and service environment. Digital has removed barriers across sectors.

The last few years have seen a proliferation of C-suite titles that include a component of marketing. Some are chief customer officers, chief experience officers, chief client officers, or chief digital officers. This diversity reflects not only a deepening understanding of the connection between growth and customer satisfaction but a much greater awareness of what marketing can do to help forge that bond.

This article is definitely worth the read.

Memo to CEO: Building a Single Customer View [customerexperiencemagazine.co.uk]

A single view of the customer is the ability to see all data about a customer in one place, typically a CRM system. The author of this article lists the three reasons why building a single customer view is worth investing.

  • Single view of the customer underpins a winning customer experience

  • Improve campaign targeting

  • Generate richer insights

Customer Experience Improvement is a Team Sport [mycustomer.com]

A company is a team, funded by customers. A company is expected by customers to operate as "one." Nobody likes to hear evidence that the company is not a real team: "That's handled by X" or "We don't have access to Y." Recurrence of an issue that customers have already voiced is evidence of disrespect regarding their precious time and funding is even worse.

This is why cross-functional collaboration in acting on voice-of-the-customer (VOC) is paramount to achieving customer experience ROI (CX ROI). Company-wide employee engagement in customer experience improvement is an absolute must!

In this article the author provides useful insights from a 4-year study of CX practices.  Worth checking out!

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