What Makes Superior Customer Experience a Reality?

Business leaders are always in search of this silver bullet.

In today’s environment, cost reduction is no doubt crucial for virtually every business. But the more important and often overlooked concern is enhancing customer engagement through a superior customer experience.

The Right Orientation

A cost reduction mentality causes a business to measure the value of its contact center performance exclusively on the basis of cost savings. This mindset will only result in cost reduction, while improved revenue will be achieved if the goal is expanded to improve customer experience and engagement.

With a cost-saving orientation and an inward-looking perspective, it becomes daunting for businesses to survive the onslaught of competition and growing customer expectations. The question is, what should businesses do to quickly close this gap and realize the highest ROI?

 Bringing it all together to make an impact

Time to plan Technologies can convert the contact center into a profit center. There are innovative solutions that enable a better understanding of the customer, improve the customer interaction, enhance the satisfaction levels, and much, much more. They include cross-channel customer interaction analytics, real-time speech analytics, unified agent guidance, knowledge management tools, etc.

Hosted solutions that provide limitless access to contact centers for better call monitoring and management; highly automated real-time analytics that improve the overall customer profitability; and workforce optimization apps for productivity gains are just some of the ways in which technology contributes to the top line. But for increased sales, revenue realization, and high ROI, businesses need to create the strongest possible integration of all the contact center solutions with virtually all other functions within the organization.

The key steps to take in this direction are:

  • Increase compatibility between technologies for seamless performance
  • Improve productivity and cost-effectiveness throughout the business with the right human resource approach, practices and metrics (hiring, training and performance management)
  • Adopt techniques that enable advanced customer routing based on both agent skill mix and customer journey (previous interactions)
  • Create a unified strategy for inbound and outbound calls that goes beyond the customer’s need for calling
  • Gain valuable, actionable insights by mining contact center data, along with other data sources, for holistic understanding of the customer’s needs
  • Partner with contact center solution experts and business consultants for assistance with business-specific needs

A unified approach, which focuses on the effectiveness of all the support applications, systems, tools, processes and people, contributes remarkably to the synergy of increased potential. It enables the business to proactively respond to customers’ needs and deliver what they want, thus getting to the crux of achieving a superior customer experience and increased revenue opportunities.

The change of focus from what the business “dishes out” to what the customer “wishes for” is not an easily attained objective. It is an initiative that significantly impacts every function throughout the organization and takes it to where it belongs – closer to the customer.


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