We don't sell fantasies....we sell products that work!

​​I am recently seeing more and more ideas online on what can be done with voice biometrics. Voice biometrics is a fantastic authentication technology, and indeed, a lot can be done with it. It's reliable, it's secure, it's cool, and it has many potential use cases. But this doesn't mean that all the ideas that are out there are realistic or practical.

There are vendors who literally sell fantasies about voice biometrics. Some vendors would say that you can deploy voice biometrics in your contact center in just one day. Others might say that they have a centralized fraudsters' voiceprints watchlist shared among their accounts. Some vendors may say that you can place a bet in a casino using just voice biometrics and there is even a rumor stating that you can buy Bitcoin via Amazon's Alexa using just your voice - although Amazon's official answer is that it's not possible since Alexa doesn't provide audio files.

While all this sounds fantastic (and really cool too), in most cases these ideas are nice as demos but aren't practical in real-life. When it comes to voice biometrics for authentication at your Contact Center, I would advise to think twice before choosing a solution, and verify that the solution is deployed and works well in other organizations.

At NICE, we sell products that actually WORK!

We at NICE have deployed voice biometrics in dozens of contact centers worldwide – using a variety of languages, different voice biometric technologies and various call flows while supporting Contact Center specific use cases and needs. Our voice biometrics solution is enterprise ready taking into consideration regulatory limitations, legal requirements, scalability and compliance with the highest security standards.  Millions of consumers already use NICE's voice biometrics daily when they call their bank, telco operator or healthcare provider which saves them time and effort. Contact Centers using NICE's voice biometrics enjoy an end-to-end solution that covers all their customer authentication needs, supporting all types of calls and flows across multiple channels.

We at NICE are not in the business of dreams and fantasies, we sell solutions that work and provide contact centers with results.

For more details about NICE's voice biometrics solution for contact centers, please visit https://www.nice.com/engage/authentication-and-fraud/real-time-authentication

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