Voice of Customer + Gamification, the Unbeatable Duo

Superheroes are saving the world on big screens everywhere this summer. And if summer blockbusters prove anything, it’s that a superhero is nothing without a dynamic sidekick. The same is true for your voice of customer program.

Sophisticated Voice of Customer (VoC) programs capture rich customer feedback. Gamification builds on this foundation and amplifies your ability to route feedback directly to the responsible employee in real-time. Relevant action is taken immediately – every interaction becomes an opportunity to grow employees and delight customers.

Gamification – the application of game mechanics (badges, points, leaderboards, community, etc.) to change employee behavior – super charges the learning’s derived from your Voice of Customer program.

Imagine this: our agent (let’s call him Ralph) takes a call and the customer—Suzie—has a fantastic experience with Ralph, but she wishes he’d told her a bit more about her billing cycle. Voice of Customer technologies saves the day by capturing this information. VoC lets Ralph know that his degree of empathy and knowledge about the product was spot on, but next time he should be sure to touch on billing. Gamification swoops in to back up our superhero by delivering the insights gained from the survey directly to Ralph…but gamification doesn’t stop there. Next, gamification logs Ralph’s score in the ongoing CSAT competition that recognizes top performers on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

And just when you thought gamification has maxed out all his tricks, he pulls out one more. Because Ralph scored so high on product knowledge, gamification prompts him to write a short article in the best practice forum so that his peers can learn from his expertise.

Customer feedback is transparently shared with agents, insights can be quickly applied, and agents are motivated every day when VoC and gamification are paired. To win the battle for customer satisfaction lean on the unbeatable team – Voice of Customer and gamification.

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