VoC Philosophy: Building a Customer Centric Culture

Starting on the journey to customer experience excellence is a tough and challenging process, which is by no means guaranteed to end in success. It is important to know how to get on the right track, including how to deliver a solution which fits within your business while also driving a better customer experience. This six-part video blog series will address these challenges and more.

All successful VoC programs are based on four pillars: volume of feedback, quality, insight, and operational focus.

  1. Actionable, high volume of VoC feedback – It is paramount to ensure that a VoC program captures a large amount of information from a significant percentage of the customer base. This not only enables the business to accurately drive improvements from the insights gained, but also to solve issues at the individual customer level.
  2. High quality feedback – VoC insights gathered days or even weeks after an interaction demonstrate a low level of quality as the memory of that interaction isn’t fresh. By soliciting feedback as close as possible to the point of interaction, customers can accurately remember what had driven their perception of that experience, and consequently – the business can act on that information quickly.
  3. Robust, real-time analytics – When linked to both high volume and high quality feedback, it is essential to be able to leverage the rich insights gained in an effective and quick manner. This can be achieved by ensuring you have a first class analytics engine to derive meaning from large volumes of unstructured information and quickly share the most valuable insights throughout the business.
  4. Operational focus – Simply measuring the customer experience will achieve little in terms of improvement. Real gains can be achieved through operationalizing VoC within the business, so that all insights gained can be leveraged to improve the business. This can range from using feedback scores to drive employee coaching to transforming business processes.

Keep an eye out for part 2 of our video blog series, The Multichannel Experience,which explores how to maximize the best channels for your VoC program. 

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