VoC Engagement: The Multi-Channel Experience

Capturing feedback from your customers is a critical component of any Voice of the Customer program. Engaging customers via the optimal channel, and at just the right time, can drive both higher response rates and better quality feedback.

The road to delivering an engagement plan which will deliver maximum benefit for your customers begins with understanding how customers interact with each other and with the organization.

Part 2 of our VoC video blog series explores the changing ways in which customers are communicating with brands, and how the business can leverage these new communication opportunities to drive valuable VoC insights. This includes:

  • A review of the current trends in communication channels that consumers are using to connect with each other
  • A comparison of some of the common feedback channels utilized today, in order to help you select the correct channel for your business’s VoC engagement plan
  • Highlights of the evolution of engagement channels used by NICE Fizzback to help maximize our customers’ VoC programs

If you missed the previous post in this series, VoC Philosophy: Building a Customer Centric Culture you can catch it here. And don’t forget to tune in for our upcoming video, which delves into how to successfully launch a VoC program within the organization. 

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