Using "Smart" Technology to Enhance Customer Feedback

The rise of the Smartphone and Tablet PC’s (typified by the rapid sales of the recently released iPad 2) have revolutionised the way in which many of us live, communicate and work. Although this revolution is not always in the manner we would hope, as the gap between the work space and the home reduces, it does have some very large ramifications for the way in which companies can engage with their customers, improve the service they offer and the reporting that is available:

Improved Engagement:

  • A growing ‘App Culture’ has seen apps take on multifunction purposes: Fizzback clients have the ability to gather customer feedback via the company’s app. Comments are then treated as any Fizzback message would, automatically categorised using our own Natural Language Processors. By offering a multichannel approach brands can engage customers easier than ever before, vastly increasing not only volume but quality of feedback.
  • Internally apps can be implemented to gather employee feedback, allowing companies to develop better employee engagement, improving not only how they treat customers, but improve working conditions.

Improved Reporting:

  • With the rise of this form of technology people work in a host of different places, regularly away from their PC and the office: it is the nature of the revolution we have seen, and instead of swimming against the stream, Fizzback has invested in a cruise liner. Weekly and daily reports have been optimised and can be sent to any platform so that actionable feedback is in the hands of those who can harness the power of the voice of the customer.

"Smart Technology" has endless advantages for gathering and using customer feedback, making the process more immediate and more actionable for both customers and employees.

Fizzback has embraced this to aid its clients in their goal of becoming best in class for customer service: creating a customer centric ethos throughout each clients company which defines their brands. 

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