Up-service: Do it Right, or Don’t Do it at All

In a recent post we discussed the concept of up-service as a way to improve customer service by making the right sales offer at the right time. But the big question is – how do you know what the right offer is, or the right time to make it?

In this post, we introduce five key steps for successful up-service.


Make sure that an offer is relevant and falls within the context of the customer interaction. For example, the customer may say something like – they’re having a baby, their son is going to university next year, or they’re moving to a new house. These remarks can be a springboard for an up-service opportunity.

It is equally important to understand when not to make an offer, for instance, when the customer is unhappy with the service received, or if they are rushing to end the call. Alternatively, there could be a large number of calls waiting in the queue, and by making offers which take additional time, you may be risking the satisfaction of other customers waiting on the line.


The next step, which also requires some understanding of good sales techniques, is to make the transition from the service call to the up-service offer. Service agents, who are trained to provide great service, not sales, may lack the proper skills to make this transition a smooth one.

Select the correct offer

The agent must select the best offer for the customer. It should be relevant and personal, and suited to what the customer needs, not the generic offer of the week.

Guide the agents

Our experience shows that agents have difficulty presenting offers. There’s a lot of detailed information they need to memorize in order to make the offer in a compelling way, which is why they need guidance.

Take an order

Simplifying the order fulfilment process is also critical for the completion of the sale. If taking the order is a complex procedure that requires navigating through multiple applications and managing many tasks, agents may make errors in the process.

Up-service can be very rewarding for both you and your customers, but it must be done the right way otherwise it could have a negative effect. Agents need to be fully engaged throughout the process as well. The idea is simple – if you reward your employees and recognize their achievements, they will be motivated and bring better results.

Do your customer service representatives have the right tools to up-service successfully?

The next post in this series will highlight how to best equip your team to tackle this challenge.

Moshe Samet is a solution manager of NICE’s Service-to-Sales real time solution. Moshe has 15 years of experience in positions of marketing and product management and is passionate about leveraging real time technology to provide evaluated service.

Karen Inbar is a Solution Marketer for NICE Real-Time Solutions. Karen brings over 15 years of experience in marketing strategy and product marketing, acquired while working for leading global high-tech companies.

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