Time to Clean Up your Performance Program

Organizations with performance-driven cultures consistently outperform their peers. But what type of performance programs really enable companies to zoom in on the behaviors and activities that drive better customer experiences?

NICE recently conducted a research study to better understand trends and issues in Performance Management. In this four-part blog series we'll share what we learned so that you can benchmark your performance program.

To drive performance improvement you need to set clear, relevant goals. However, organizations have shown perhaps a little too much energy for goal setting.

  • The average organization factors five criteria (e.g. call type, customer type, etc.) into goals, slowing down their process.
  • Two out of three organizations set goalsonce per monthor less.
  • And, when it comes time to share goals with individuals, companies use an average of four channels(Excel, email, verbal, intranet and more).

What a way to make things messy!

It’s time to put an end to self-imposed complexity. While companies have the right intent, the myriad factors in goal setting can produce misalignment between frontline and company priorities. For instance, when goals are set less than once per month, employees can compensate for weeks of shirking by delivering one week of excellent performance.

Remember, as well, that once goals are in place, organizations need to communicate progress through a single source of truth. Having a personal, relevant challenge drives employee engagement. Set a clear target so that everyone knows how to hit the bulls-eye.

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