The Perils of Unfulfilled Customer Promises

Combining jaunty tunes with repetition makes for really effective TV adverts. I’d say the catchy din emanating fromthe ‘’ adverts succeeded in striking that seemingly winning combination of annoyance & brilliance; their growth in recent years certainly suggests so. But getting inside your audience’s head and getting them onto your website is very much the easy part. The difficult bit comes with fulfilling your tuneful promises, and Fizzback has considerable experience in helping our clients do just that.Last week saw the UK car buyer heavily criticised by the OFT for failing to meet those very promises – with just one in 25 customers offered the price quoted online and company inspectors apparently encouraged to downgrade the valuation by up to a quarter upon reappraisal with intangibles including ‘market conditions’. “We buy any car for 75% of the price quoted online” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. 

I see a similar challenge in some of our retail operations. Selling a mobile phone is easy; phone sellers can promise the earth but the challenge for the MNO arrives in meeting those promises when that first bill hits the mat four weeks later.


We have seen up to a 54% drop in likelihood to recommend from the day of purchase to the end of the first billing cycle; and the driving force behind this differential is often disappointment stemming from unfulfilled promises in the sales process. Organisations looking to win and retain market share need to make bold promises to their audience; but the real challenge they face is delivering a customer experience befitting that flamboyant sales hyperbole. 

Fizzback’s award winning solution helps our clients deliver just that experience. Customers giving negative feedback have their concerns routed in real-time to the relevant teams and individuals for rapid response. Over time, our clients build up a comprehensive picture of the voice of the customer – what their customers are talking about positively and negatively informing intelligent route cause analysis helping to deliver winning customer experiences.

It’s easy to sell something you can’t deliver - meeting promises and aligning expectations poses the real challenge. At Fizzback we help our clients meet customer expectations and act quickly to recover those whose expectations haven’t been met; driving the advocacy, loyalty and repeat spend that generate real business results. 

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