The Importance of “Getting” Workforce Management

I’m convinced that workforce management (WFM) is one of the least understood functions in the contact center industry. WFM is generally described with the tagline “Getting the Right People in the Right Place at the Right Time,” which  could just as easily be the marketing slogan for a limousine service. It’s no wonder people get confused about the real role and importance of WFM.

Obviously, workforce managers responsible for generating forecasts, scheduling agents, and managing intraday change need to understand WFM. But what’s not so obvious is that contact center leaders responsible for making key decisions that drive the organization’s results must also understand and appreciate this critical function.

Here’s why:

Contact center staff and labor equates to approximately 75% of an organization’s total costs, with the other 25% attributed to facilities, technology and networking. The function responsible for the efficient use of that labor is – you guessed it – workforce management.

What contact center leaders don’t know about WFM could cost their organizations thousands if not millions of dollars in lost customer revenue, administrative overhead, and unnecessary labor expenses. If maximizing service while minimizing cost is an expectation at your center, you can no longer afford to not “get” workforce management.

To learn more, download my free white paper “The 5-P Prescription for “Getting” Workforce Management.” I also invite you to sign-up for my webinar scheduled for May 15, where I’ll walk you through diagnosing WFM “dysfunction” at your contact center.

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