The Death of EFM? Part 2

This blog recently examined Bruce Temkins musings on EFM, considered the relevance and longevity of the term and looked at why Fizzback’s next generation solution is at the very frontier of Customer Experience Management (CEM), superceding those to have reigned before it.

I’d like to go a little further. As Temkin’s title so coarsely asserted, EFM is dead – however what is very much alive is operational voice of customer. Better and richer insight is old generation but it isn’t valuable unless it is implemented effectively to drive the performance improvement that adds zeros to the bottom line. Fizzback is built to do does just that.

The Fizzback solution permeates the very fabric of our clients operations through:

  • Real-time performance management of agents.
  • Customer intelligence-based next-best actions to drive performance improvements.
  • Live workflows and feedback by theme.
  • Real-time customer experience analytics accessible anywhere, anytime.
  • Live action items.

When it comes to real-time feedback, anyone can dress up in Fizzback clothing, as we like to say. The acid test is performance improvement and Fizzback delivers. In Telco? We boast an average customer satisfaction uplift of 21% - with a best practice of 36% - across our global client base. And this is testament to the operational traction of the Fizzback solution.

Don’t settle for nice-to-haves: demand performance improvement and achieve it with Fizzback. 

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