The Customer Revolution

The Internet has rapidly changed the way customers do business with companies. Customers can let you know in real time if they are satisfied, or unhappy with your business. With social media applications such as Twitter and Facebook, customers rule communication, and therefore, businesses must learn how to adapt to this new customer revolution.

This new business environment has also changed the way contact centers interact with customers. Customers are demanding a number of ways to reach businesses – web, chat, email and phone – based upon personal convenience, and companies must learn how take advantage of these new revenue building channels. It is critical that businesses effectively interact with customers, no matter the channel, and accept that social media channels are changing business reality.  It is also important to ensure that customer care representatives are empowered to handle all the channels and proactively offer product and solutions.

To deliver efficient customer service through these various channels, and fulfill customer needs, businesses need to implement technologies which can deliver automatic multi-channel classification and prioritization, universal queuing, multichannel and multi-service blending, unify reporting, response templates and knowledge base, as well as web collaboration.

To respond to the customer revolution, businesses need to find a one-stop technology solution that addresses this convergence of web, chat, email and phone, to respond to, and resolve, customer needs.  This is not only a technological conversation; it is also about partnering with the right companies. Customer service providers who have the technology to offer fast and flexible delivery have the opportunity to differentiate themselves from their competitors. The customer revolution is a reality, and you need to make the right decision in your partnership selection - someone who understands your business needs and helps your company rapidly adapt to changes of the “new generation of customers".

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