The Circle of Power - The Top CMO Influencers (Part 2)

CMO is a standard title, but is far from being a standard job function. Although the role of CMO differs between industries and organizations, one common factor is that they all share the same purpose to serve as the “voice of the customer”. Organizations turn to their CMOs to take ownership of the customer experience, to create meaningful digital dialogues with their customers - but who do CMOs turn to? We’ve discovered that many of the top 100 CMOs actually turn to top influencers on social media.

In our previous list, we identified the top 10 CMO influencers. We decided to add more names relevant to the circle of power, for their insights and content they share.

Here is a list of 10 more influencers that CMOs turn to for a better understanding of the market:

Name: Ryan T. Sauers - @RyanSauers

Bio: Ryan Sauers is the President of Sauers Consulting Strategies. He has over 20 years of experience in leading multi-million dollar companies in the printing, promotional products, and visual communications industries. He is also known as a speaker in industry conferences, seminars, webinars, and events. He enjoys sharing pearls of wisdom with large audiences all over, which is why he also serves as an adjunct professor in leadership for several universities.

CMO Following: 27 out of the top 100 CMO’s list

Overall Followers: 13.7K

Name: Guy Kawasaki - @GuyKawasaki

Bio: Guy Kawasaki is the chief evangelist of Canva, an online graphic design tool. He is best known for being the author of 12 books, ranging from topics such as computer, to entrepreneurship, to marketing. His blog,, features articles that go viral and remain so for extended periods. As a keynote speaker, Guy stands out for being motivational, inspiring, and divulging a great deal of applicable knowledge that is directly useful for audiences across many industries.

CMO Following: 27 out of the top 100 CMO’s list

Overall Followers: 1.41M

Name: Steve Farnsworth - @Steveology

Bio: Steve Farnsworth is the Chief Digital Strategist of Jolt Digital Marketing. He specializes in consulting organizations on communication strategies that build customer communities. As a director with the Silicon Valley Brand Forum, and advisor to large corporations, Steve has moderated panels and spoken at industry events hosted by companies such as Intel, Yahoo!, HP, Cisco, and Adobe. For his hard work and dedication, Steve is frequently cited as a top influencer by top online publications.

CMO Following: 27 out of the top 100 CMO’s list

Overall Followers: 114K

Name: Robert Scoble - @Scobleizer

Bio: Robert Scoble is a video blogger, technology evangelist, and author. His work caught the attention of many during his time with Microsoft and Fast Company. He currently works for Rackspace, promoting breaking technology and startups. As their Startup Liaison Officer, Robert travels around the world studying and making media about promising startups. He has been building tech communities since 1985, and shows no signs of slowing down!

CMO Following: 26 out of the top 100 CMO’s list

Overall Followers: 405K

Name: Brian Crouch - @BrianCrouch

Bio: Brian Crouch has been a leader in digital marketing since 2004. He is currently the Director of Marketing for MediaPro, a provider of eLearning solutions in data protection and compliance. Brian is a founding board member of the Seattle Social Media Club. He is admired far and wide for his insights on lead generation, business development, social media marketing, inbound marketing, site optimization, and leadership.

CMO Following: 26 out of the top 100 CMO’s list

Overall Followers: 16.2K

Name: Susanna Gebauer - @dreckbaerfrau

Bio: Susanna Gebauer is a founder of exploreB2B, a social platform for businesses. She launched the company with her brother after working as a strategy and management consultant for 4 years. Her experiences from business development for a consultancy served as the core for building exploreB2B. Prior to that, Susanna was a mathematician and worked as a scientist for 5 years.

CMO Following: 26 out of the top 100 CMO’s list

Overall Followers: 143K

Name: Jeff Bullas - @JeffBullas

Bio: Jeff Bullas is a widely-respected blogger, author, strategist, and speaker. He works with companies and executives to optimize their online presence with digital and social media marketing. Jeff has won awards and recognition for his achievements, including Top 50 Social Media Power Influencer 2013, and Huffington Post Top 100 Business Twitter Account.

CMO Following: 26 out of the top 100 CMO’s list

Overall Followers: 245K

Name: Jay Baer - @JayBaer

Bio: Jay Baer is the President of the social media and content marketing consultancy, Convince & Convert, and a NY Times best selling author. He is also a marketing strategist, speaker, author, co-host of the popular weekly Social Pros podcast. As a digital marketing pioneer, Jay consulted with over 700 companies since 1994, including 29 of the Fortune 500.

CMO Following: 26 out of the top 100 CMO’s list

Overall Followers: 124K

Name: Mary Mac - @BestWebStrategy

Bio: Mary Mac has a proven track record of generating leads that help companies triple annual revenue. She manages to do so using web strategies to prompt people to click on advertisements, emails, and social media links. Mary loves to network, and is always up to make connections to help others.

CMO Following: 26 out of the top 100 CMO’s list

Overall Followers: 35.9K

Name: Chad Pollitt - @ChadPollitt

Bio: Chad Pollitt is the Co-founder and VP of Audience for This service helps marketing and communications executives solve their online content visibility challenges. Prior to that, he has been a guest lecturer, featured writer, syndicated blogger, and keynote presenter. Chad has been featured on multiple radio shows and podcasts.

CMO Following: 25 out of the top 100 CMO’s list

Overall Followers: 27K

The process of providing a quality customer experience is based on an understanding of what customers want and need. Top CMOs understand this, and use the industry-related content shared by these influencers as a reference or inspiration for campaigns. The influencers don’t stop at sharing quality content - they also converse with anyone who reaches out. Follow these CMO-approved influencers for their wealth of information, and know that they are just one tweet away.

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