The 5P’s of Workforce Management (Part 5: Product)

Updated August 2016

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The 5Ps of workforce management – PRINCIPLES, PRACTICES, PROCESSES, PEOPLE, and PRODUCT – will strengthen your contact center, but first you need to know how to spot warning signs and get a healthy start. As part of a 5-part series, we will be outlining each week one of the five principles.

To wrap up our series on the 5P’s of WFM we will turn our focus to PRODUCT. Workforce management products are the solutions, systems, tools and technology used to automate the WFM function and to balance your contact center’s two primary objectives of customer service and operational efficiency.

Excel spreadsheets may be sufficient for creating basic forecasts and schedules. But as your operation grows and becomes more complex, your contact center will not be able to reach its potential without the aid of an automated WFM system (aka “PRODUCT”).​


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Unlike Excel, WFM systems are designed based upon an understanding of fundamental workforce management PRINCIPLES applicable to all contact center organizations. Inherent in this design is the flexibility to accommodate a variety of business PRACTICES so users can tailor them to the specific needs of their operation. One of their most significant benefits lies in their ability to streamline routine tasks and activities and to automate manual PROCESSES, which serves to minimize administrative costs. ​And unlike Excel, WFM systems can be integrated with other systems and leveraged across the organization, providing PEOPLE with insight into performance and data for decision-making.

  • CASE STUDY – See how Telefonica Spain Automated Many of Their Manuall Processes using NICE Robotic Automation Solutions

    Telefonica Spain required a tool which would allow them to adapt quickly to customer and business needs, and to sell products and services directly from the contact center. Another challenge was to automate the previously manual processing and management of the many services which Telefonica

A Healthy Start Can Yield a Significant ROI for Your Organization​
​WFM systems can yield significant return on investment (ROI) potential for organizations graduating from Excel-based processes. But there are also ways for organizations that have already invested in WFM technology to maximize their return.

  • INTRODUCE more flexibility into existing scheduling rules so the system can meet customer requirements with greater efficiency and fewer agent resources
  • IMPLEMENT agent empowerment features to minimize administrative workload and engage frontline staff by allowing them to self-manage aspects of their schedule and performance
  • INVEST in new capabilities offered in later versions of your system in order to take advantage of customer-driven enhancements that can yield greater results and minimize administrative effort

When looking to make a healthy start on your workforce management program keep the 5P’s at the forefront. PRINCIPLES, PRACTICES, PROCESSES, PEOPLE, and PRODUCTS are keys to a thriving program.

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