Telecom Executive, Don’t Break the Chain of Exceptional Customer Experience

Telecom executives say that Customer Experience is a top priority for them. Yet, even a small fracture in a generally positive customer journey can dramatically impact the entire experience.

So how can telecoms provide a consistent and exceptional customer experience? Follow these four guidelines:

  1. There is no second chance to make a first impression

    Customers do not want to be ‘interrogated’ during the first moments of an interaction. For contact center and IVR authentication that is reliable, quick, and easy, use voice biometrics technology. This enables seamless customer voice-printing in real time, enhances the customer experience, and helps businesses reduce costs.

  2. Be smart, in the moment

    Understanding customer intent and taking the right action in real time creates an exceptional customer experience. With the right technology, you can analyze any type of customer interaction (voice, e-mail, chat, mobile app, etc.), identify drivers of satisfaction and dissatisfaction, and deliver unmatched service that exceeds customer expectations.

  3. Let the customer’s voice be your compass

    Telecoms aspiring to meet or exceed customer expectations must be guided by the Voice of the Customer. Listen to reliable, relevant and meaningful customer feedback across all touch points and analyze them to determine what action can be taken in response to the customer’s sentiment.

    Your Voice of the Customer solution should capture comprehensive, real-time customer feedback across every interaction and channel. It should also help ensure high response rates by enabling conversations on the customer’s preferred channels.

  4. Know your customer, even where there are millions

    Zoom in on the individual customer journey, but make sure to cross-reference this with overall trends in customer behavior. By leveraging top-trending behaviors and visual and dynamic journey mapping, you can provide high quality customer engagement and an exceptional experience.

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