Summer: Time for Open Roads and Open Cloud Platforms

We are halfway through summer and I have one of the great summer traditions on my mind – the road trip. While most of us spend a fair amount of time our cars, often stuck in traffic during our commutes, the road trip is special. A big part of what makes road trips such a great escape is openness: an open schedule, open roads, opening up to see new sights, and opening the throttle on your car. (Thank you Texas for the generous rural highway speed limits!)

Openness can also play an important part in having fun and staying productive in our day jobs. When it comes to the technology that powers your customer experience, it is more important than ever to combine the power of both seamlessly integrated best-in-class applications with an open cloud platform that lets you fine-tune and turbocharge your customer experience.

Here are a few examples of how the Open Cloud Platform of NICE inContact CXone helps enterprises deliver exceptional customer experiences:

Escape from the Drudgery of Keeping the Lights On

One of the great joys of the road trip is that you get to escape daily chores and focus on what you really want to do when you have the time.  CXone can also provide you and your team an escape from the drudgery of having to manage hardware, software, availability, upgrades, etc. – and free you to focus on the customer service innovations that will delight your customers and improve your bottom line.

Freedom to Customize – Without It Breaking After Each Release

A huge advantage of a road trip over a jumping on a jet plane is flexibility. You have the freedom to customize your itinerary as you go. Want to take a detour to see a giant ball of twine? Go for it! With CXone and its Open Cloud Platform that includes hundreds of developer-friendly RESTful APIs you have the freedom to customize the platform to deliver the contact flows, business rules, and other customer experiences that truly define your brand. Best of all, CXone gives you the tools to customize the experience on fully backward compatible interfaces so you never have to worry about them breaking when the next release automatically upgrades.

Superhighways to Integrate – Across any Cloud or Application

President Eisenhower's decision in the 1950s to create the interstate highway system in the US changed everything. High speed, standardized, and interchangeable routes now connected the country from coast to coast, with economic impact that went way beyond the casual family road trip. Similarly, an open cloud platform let's you easily, reliably and securely connect CXone to the many other applications you need to deliver a great customer experience, such as CRM, business intelligence, or order management. Plus, our open platform attracts many 3rd party developers that may have already built the integration that you need.

Broaden Your Horizons with Ecosystem Partners

Whenever I go on a long trip, I find that I always meet at least one person that surprises me and teaches me something that stays with me. To really get something out of those chance meetings takes two important things: being present and being open. Perhaps the biggest benefit of the CXone Open Cloud Platform is the ecosystem of over 100 partners that have built integrations to CXone and listed them on our CXexchange marketplace.

Not only have these CXone partners likely solved a need that you know you have, they might have already solved a need that you weren't even aware of yet. And that might be the most powerful openness benefit of all.

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