Straight From The Coaching Master: Coach to Behavior, Not Metrics

A true coaching master doesn’t just tell their trainee what the goal is, they help reveal the underlying behaviors that drive mastery and goal achievement.

NICE Coaching guru Andy Elkind reminds us that while progress is measured in goals achieved, progress is made when behaviors change and good techniques are practiced daily. In his latest coaching video, Elkind uses the metaphor of a sports coach.

We’ve all tuned into at least a few Word Cup matches at this point. When a team is down the coach doesn’t simply say “we need to score more goals”. That would be stating the obvious without eliciting any real change. No, a good coach helps their players refine technique; work on passing and dribbling. And during a game calls on his team to draw from those skills.

This makes sense on the field, but somewhere between the side lines and the call center there is a disconnect. Too often coaches tell employees they are not meeting handle time goals or their customer satisfaction rating is low, without ever digging into the behavior that is driving the poor result. This isn’t the way to win customer loyalty or grow a strong team.

Andy gives the inside scoop on how to truly coach employees to greatness. Learn from his expertise and tune into this latest coaching video, for insight on how to coach toward excellence.

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