Still scared of the cloud?

​I have been trying to teach my son how to swim. My problem is that he fears the water and his swimming is very alike the one of an octopus: as soon as he touches the water he glues himself onto me. It's great for bonding. Not so great for swimming.

To help him I tried to explain how fear is one of our most basic emotion, that it helps us identify danger, but that sometimes it also stops us from having fun, or achieving greater things and seizing opportunities.

It is no different in the business and tech world. Two years ago, the cloud was a scary place. Everyone was excited about it, but really no one was willing to trust the cloud. Organizations that adopted it, preferred to store their data on private instances, and overall preferred not to store any information that could be sensitive.

Fast forward to today, where trust in the cloud outnumbers distrust for public cloud by more than 2-to-11​. All the customers we have recently met with discuss security and compliance as part of their cloud migration path, but more as a cloud adoption driver than as a cloud inhibitor.

Security and Compliance as CX differentiators

In today's context, with more and more stringent regulations for privacy and data visibility in Europe, Canada, Brasil, as well as more scrutiny over digital payments methods, organizations know that protecting data is a customer experience differentiator. I am not only talking about abiding by the ISO, SOC and FEDRAMP standards in place. For organizations that don't compromise on CX, features and parameters enabling pause and resume for PCI DSS, or data visibility for privacy regulations such as GDPR are paramount.

Fear no more with CxOne Pro !

With CxOne Pro Recording, we have sought to offer a solution that answers the needs of our customers to easily adopt new channels on the cloud while assuring compliance. Through the encryption of audio and screen channels, and the availability of pause and resume mechanisms, CxOne customers are compliant from Day 1 and can make sure that they stay compliant as they add new channels.

Not only has the cloud become a secure place, with CxOne it enables organizations that don't compromise on CX to put compliance, and with it data security and visibility, at the top of their strategy. In other words, with the fear now gone, are you ready to dive into the cloud?  Feel free to contact us to discuss how recording in the cloud can help you!



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