Step 3 to ‘CEM Greatness’: Right Here, Right Now

It’s been too long since I blogged on one of the steps to ‘CEM Greatness’ so I thought that this week it was time to give the topic some deserved attention. Having previously looked at the first two steps, “March to the Beat” and “Everyone Counts” this week will focus on the third step; Right Here, Right Now.

This step has two very important meanings:

1. Engage with customers as close as possible to the point of experience. Capturing feedback a significant period of time after the interaction drastically reduces the value of the insight gained. The memory of the experience will not be fresh in the mind of the customer and so details of issues or good experiences are not always clearly explained. Engaging customers close to the point of experience makes it much timelier to the customer and hence they are much more likely to give feedback. This subsequently results in vast increases in volumes of feedback giving a more complete view of what your customers are saying about you and your service. 

Good examples of these are customers remembering prices to the penny, the name of your staff, or the exact number of minutes that they have waited to be helped. 


2. Gathered feedback should be rapidly distributed throughout the business. Timely feedback is worthless unless it is quickly fed throughout the business to all relevant departments. Dissatisfied customers can be quickly recovered and transformed into promoters; managers can quickly praise or coach their staff and make small changes in processes that will have a significant impact on the customer experience. Lastly boardroom executives can make rapid decisions around the wider business (i.e. policies and operational changes). This is all made possible through the real-time and advanced Fizzback dashboards and our suite of extensive reporting.

Good examples of these include a specific department to communicate changes to the correct people and departments within an organisation, changing processes and improving touch point experience. 

Customer feedback is great, but it is also time specific. Be pro-active and rise above the competition by acting quickly to customer issues and in implementing changes highlighted by what insight is gained. At the expense of being cheesy you need to put the fizz into your feedback!

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