Step 2 to 'CEM Greatness': Everyone Counts

Back in February I blogged about Fizzback’s '5 Steps to 'CEM Greatness'' and how our methodology helps business to create the complete Customer Experience Management (CEM) Solution, capturing the Voice of the Customer and enabling the previously silent majority be heard. Recently in a follow-up post I looked at the first of these steps, March to the Beat. This week I will continue the series by looking in more detail at the second step:Everyone Counts.

The term ‘Everyone Counts’ is in theory a simple notion; every one of your customers deserves the company’s attention - and when it comes to customer feedback - every single customer opinion is important. But when it comes to customer feedback, how many businesses really appreciate its value? Can many organisations honestly claim that their customers’ views are gathered, considered and acted upon in their entirety?

The answer is very few. In reality, it’s a difficult goal to achieve -but a goal we are successfully guiding our client-base towards. And here are just some of the benefits they have realised: 

 Behavioural change; enabling the business to drive customer service improvement with a robust and reliable KPI

 Pro-active retention; the ability to drive rapid customer recovery. Without engaging everyone, dissatisfied customers suffer in silence - and with their advocacy fading fast are much more likely to defect to the competition at the earliest possible opportunity

 Ben Franklin Effect/Cognitive Dissonance; asking customers to for feedback has proven links to increasing customer loyalty (check out our previous post which covers this in more detail here)

 Frontline Engagement: Offering localised and highly specific feedback to individual frontline teams to tailor an improved customer experience to the people who matter

The multitude of benefits attainable in signing up to the idea of ‘Everyone Counts’ is the bedrock of Fizzback’s value. By tailoring our award-winning technology to our clients’ precise requirements, we are able to implement multi-channel CEM solutions that can revolutionise the way our clients interact with their customers – ensuring that every one of them counts. 

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