Step 1 to CEM Greatness: “March to the Beat”

Creating the ultimate Customer Experience Management (CEM) solution is a task which Fizzback prides itself on and in the coming weeks and months the Fizzback Blog will look into the 5 keys parts as outlined in the previous post “The 5 Steps to CEM Greatness”. This week I will look at the first of these steps: “March to the Beat”.

“March to the Beat” sounds simple enough but how many companies really understand its meaning? CEM solutions too often only concentrate on the customer, and while this is of course an essential part of any solution it is only half the battle.

At Fizzback we believe that it is just as important to engage your employees as much as the customer. After all how can a company expect to have a happy and loyal client base if they do not have happy and loyal employees? During an interaction between a customer and call centre agent or shop assistant, if the employee is not happy in their role, or feel undervalued then this will transfer to the client. 

The Fizzback CEM solution offers the perfect way to use the voice of the customer to transform a clients workforce into highly motivated and engaged staff. Fizzback’s transformation methodology includes a number of ways to achieve this:

  • Individual and team improvement plans
  • Staff praise reports
  • Coach reports based on thought leading best practices
  • League tables to highlight top performers and top improvers

As the table shows, customer engagement is a problem with two halves, each as important as the other. 

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