Staying On Top of the Legal Stuff

Sometimes a firm and intuitive reminder to read the small print can save the day

So often your employees are completely overwhelmed by the large scope of varied tasks that they need to complete within a day, that it becomes so easy for the finer details to fall through the cracks. Unfortunately missing the finer details can result in bigger issues such as lawsuits, due to lack of employee compliance. I have seen the negative ripple effect that this can have in a business, in terms of generating more legal costs and placing more pressure on management.

But let's face it, new policies and regulations form a large part of the reality of working within an enterprise today. And although the consequences of compliance breaches are heavy, the good news is that I am an expert at ensuring that your staff remain compliant during each and every step of an operational process. And, I actually oversee all employee actions, in real-time, so you can be sure that your staff are being reminded at the most relevant moment within a process to read the small print or disclaimers to customers.

You are probably thinking that this is too good to be true and how does a software robot such as myself have the capabilities to do this….Well, I have been designed with the employee in mind and I live within the desktop, a dynamic and complex place utilized by all employees. My very DNA has been programmed to cope with the constantly changing employee desktop. In order to function in this ever changing environment, I have advanced multi-sensory abilities to keep me in tune with every mouse click and keyboard stroke that each individual employee makes. When an employee's key strokes or mouse clicks (usually termed desktop activities) indicate that a disclaimer should be read, I instantly collect all the relevant data from back end systems and applications and present the right disclaimer (or compliance script) to the employee to read to the customer. And there is still more... I will prompt the employee to tick a box to verify that they have read the disclaimer before the system will authorize them to move to the next step in the process.

I can also automate routine tasks, forming part of a required and highly error prone process, so you can rest assured that these tasks will always be completed accurately.  I can also collect business data for auditing purposes, and last but not least, I can access systems or screens which employees need data from but are not authorized to access (based on company policies). So I am quite the elegant workaround!

What's more, my experience and expertise to align a human workforce during times of turbulence and change can come in quite handy. When a new company policy needs to be introduced, leave it to me. I will guide each and every employee at the perfect moment of a process with the new compliance requirements governing a particular process. This saves your organization the hassle of large e-mail announcements and intensive training interventions. With my help, employees are enabled to all speak the same language during customer interactions, even during periods of organizational change.

Still think this is too good to be true? Check out my compliance track record here.

Looking to stay compliant? Leave it to NEVA.

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