Social Media Analytics – Capturing the ‘Buzz’

I’ll admit, I am one of those “Americans” that didn’t even realize Team USA men’s soccer team had failed to qualify for the Olympics until the final days in London (I was probably pre-occupied with the other American successes). Most would agree that soccer is the 5th most popular professional sport in the United States, but may not realize that momentum is increasing with the help of Generation Z and recent successes on the international stage. An ESPN-Luker poll recently found soccer to be the 2nd most popular U.S. sport for the 12-24 age range. Not to mention a spike in positive buzz over the past few weeksfor Team USA soccer who just ended 75 years of frustration on Mexican turf.

Using NICE Social Media Analytics, I was pleased to see Team USA men’s soccer receive nearly as many mentions across the social sphere in the five days following that victory as it had the previous month and a huge sentiment shift from negative to positive. Furthermore, people’s uncontrollable urge to take to their favorite social outlet and broadcast their opinion will, in no doubt, impact the popularity and growth of the sport.

Now, let us step back for a minute and transition from our love of sports to our business livelihood through the customers’ social voice. A recent study by Harvard University researchers concluded that people enjoy self-disclosure and will go as far as losing up to 25% of their earnings to take their thoughts public…. I’d say social media provides a much cheaper outlet for this. Moreover, a Blackberry research project of working adults between 18 and 55 found greater withdrawal symptoms from missing out on Twitter than common addictions, such as the urge to drink.

So what does this mean for your business livelihood? Simply, that it is mission critical to know overall brand sentiment, gain lightning fast visibility into negative influencers and engage them in real time. With NICE Social Media Analytics, customer service organizations can capture buzz and sentiment, competitive insights, key issues and root causes, top-used sites, geographical data, alerts and individual mentions through a real-time engagement platform with a robust user interface and customizable dashboards. To take it one step further, a holistic Voice of Customer (VoC) solution can be delivered by integrating with real-time customer feedback and cross-channel interaction analytics

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