Simple Solutions Seldom Are: The Virtues of a Multi-Channel Approach to Feedback

Engaging with customers via their preferred communication method creates a more personalized relationship between consumer and brand, resulting in vastly increased response rates and improved brand perception.

In previous posts we highlighted text message (SMS) as the superior channel for soliciting feedback from customers. While I do not want to take away from the many plusses of this channel, it is in many cases beneficial to adopt a multi-channel approach over a solely SMS-based one. Additionally, in certain geographies, industries, and situations, a solely text message solution is just not a viable or potentially legal method for gathering feedback. In these cases your business and its Voice of the Customer program must be flexible in engaging with customers.

Here are the major strengths of some of the main feedback channels organizations use:

  • Email to web: Enables businesses to gather detailed verbatim comments, allowing customers to voice and explain their concerns, compliments and suggestions. Coupled with the NICE Fizzback artificial intelligence, comments left via feedback web pages can offer deep insight into the customer experience. Emails promoting this webpage are also the cheapest form of gathering feedback, both from the business and consumer perspective.
  • Outbound IVR: Although it is undeniable that response rates are generally lower with IVR, this channel offers some of the most immediate feedback on the customer experience, able to capture customer thoughts while still fresh in the mind. And as we have commented on at length on this blog, feedback gathered close to the experience is always of higher quality.
  • App based feedback: In the ever developing world of smartphones and apps, soliciting feedback via these new channels engages customers in a new and interesting way. Flexible, cheap, and (depending on the app) able to gather feedback immediately after an experience, app based feedback can add valuable and actionable insight into the customer experience.
  • Pull methodology: In many cases brands either have no way of capturing all or part of their customers’ details, or have no way to know when all or some of their customers have interacted with the brand. In these cases using pull methodology, (advertising feedback channels on point of sale materials or alternative communications to customers) is one of the only ways to gather feedback. Although text message is one of the channels that can be advertised, it is always advisable to offer multiple channels on this collateral.

The majority of our clients who currently use the NICE Fizzback Voice of the Customer solution deploy a multi-channel, multi-touch point solution to reach as many of their customers as possible and to gather insight into the entire customer journey. Unfortunately there is no one-stop channel or methodology for soliciting customer feedback for every vertical, geography, or situation, but at NICE Systems we will help your business to design and deliver one to fit your brand and customers.

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