Shrinking the Marketing Gap Between Analysis to Action

In many marketing organizations, there are lots of data collectors and analysts but little conversion into insightful action. The 2011 UNICA Annual Survey of Marketers revealed that 57% of respondents identified measurement, analysis and learning as the top marketing process bottlenecks. Based on a follow-up question, 62% identified the gap in turning data into specific action as the top marketing issue. For respondents based in North America this percentage increases to 70%.

Several issues create a gap between analysis and action:

  • Dependency on technology organizations to provide access to data and monitoring mechanisms
  • Segmenting call samples is limited
  • Data regarding feedback from offline campaigns contain an inherit time gap

Here are three steps to bridging the gap between analysis and action by using NICE Interaction Analytics technology:  


1.Measure and monitor

  • Create a KPI dashboard to track your metrics                                           
  • Use ready-made components such as Trend Reports to provide historical direction

2.Segment your categories

  • Develop an interaction category based on a  campaign
  • Identify customer segments based on the interaction category 


3.Target segments based on root cause topics

  • Segment the interaction category based on customer segments
  • Identify the percentage of target segments and root causes
  • Develop a target campaign to address root cause topics for each customer segment

Using Interaction Analytics technology with the steps listed above enables:

  • Quick end-user creation of components such as  KPI dashboards to access data
  • Creation of interaction categories which can be further segmented by customer profiles on a large scale
  • Immediate actionable insight towards recent marketing campaigns, including offline campaigns

NICE Interaction Analytics technology gives marketing organizations the independence needed from technology organizations and provides immediate and direct access to customer insight.

 About the author: Michael del Rosario is a business consultant with several years experience with Interaction Analytics, CRM and Business Intelligence applications.  
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