Recording: The Key to Your Company’s Ability to Engage in Real Time

Thanks to today’s "now customers", who expect the immediacy of digital in every interaction, your recording system is not just about recording any more. It has become the foundation on which you can build smart offline and real-time business applications that can extract value from recorded multi-channel interactions. When it comes to serving the "now customer", this evolution from offline to real-time is key.

Some examples of the way robust recording advances traditional offline applications include:

  • From compliance monitoring to real-time compliance – Compliance is assured as the interaction occurs, lowering risk for the organization and the customer
  • From post-call fraud analysis to real-time fraud detection – Fraud is stopped before any damage is incurred
  • From authentication questions to real-time authentication – Customers are identified via voiceprint; security questions become a thing of the past
  • From quality optimization to real-time precision monitoring – Supervisors are notified the moment agents encounter problematic calls; coaching happens by example and/or via supervisor guidance as the interaction unfolds

In order to make sure your contact center can engage with customers in real time, your recording system must:

  • Tightly integrate offline and real-time business applications
  • Stream every interaction to multiple business applications in real time with minimal latency
  • Scale to support both recording and streaming of all interactions and all contact center agents

With the right recording platform, you can create the Real-Time Engagement Center that will give "now customers" the level of service they expect today and ready your call center for the next evolution in customer care!

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