Real-Time Speech Analytics: Welcome to the era of NOW!

| February 7th, 2011
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Imagine NASA Mission Control guiding the Apollo spacecraft round to the dark side of the moon. All the preparations and data analysis were done ahead of time, and the crew has been amply trained and is armed with best-practice procedures. Yet, once the spacecraft is on the other side, it’s all up to the astronauts. Until they re-emerge into the light, Mission Control operators have no clue how well the mission is progressing and no way to intervene.

In today’s contact centers, an agent taking a customer call is somewhat like Apollo’s astronauts on the dark side of the moon. Account history and past interactions have been analyzed, and agents thoroughly trained and armed with best practices. But when the agent takes the call, contact center management has no control over what happens and can only hope that things will go as they would like them to. Supervisors and managers have no visibility from the moment the call is initiated until it concludes, when it can be reviewed. By then, it’s too late to affect the agent’s efficiency, take action to elevate customer satisfaction, or take advantage of any cross-sell or up-sell opportunity that presented itself.

A new breed of business solutions, powered by the new and innovative real-time speech analytics technology, can shed light on “the dark side of the moon” of customer interactions. By automatically listening to what’s said in real time during the call, real-time speech analytics enables a host of other functions that can dramatically alter your interactions for the better. It can identify the context of what customers say and tap into their intent, which is often implicit or hidden and therefore unnoticed by the agent. Customer intent and context cues can then be combined with data about both customer and agent and with insights realized via interaction analytics prior to the call. All this information can be automatically channeled into a real-time decisioning engine to determine how to empower the agent to maximize the value of the interaction—for both the customer and the organization—while the customer is still on the line. How? This engine triggers the relevant next-best-action guidance in order to perfect the customer experience, select and present the best cross-sell or up-sell offer for this customer at just the right time, alert to a supervisor to join the call if necessary, and automate actions to improve efficiency.

Now, using real-time speech analytics to analyze the voice of the customer, contact centers can guide every call to achieve its most critical mission based on the customer intent: to deliver business value and a superior customer experience. NOW!

To learn more about real-time speech analytics, read the new NICE-commissioned white paper by The Strativity Group The Power of Now: Do You Listen To Your Customer in Real-Time?”

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