Putting an End To Silos With Cross Channel Analytics

For years, silos were a fact of life for call centers of large service organizations. The norm was that channels such as phone calls, emails, chat, web etc. were analyzed independently resulting in a fragmented view of the customer experience. Not anymore. Gone are the days of data from phone calls being analyzed separately from that of emails, and IVR. The “breaking down” of silos via cross-channel analytics now makes it possible to open up pools of information to all staff, making all data accessible at once.

One of the benefits of gathering information relating to the variety of customer interactions that occur on different channels, is better understand the complete customer journey and improve customer experience

Cross-channel analytics enables this in a 3-pronged approach:  Resolve > Prevent > Engage.

Resolve: resolving customer queries at the first point of contact, regardless of the channel. By combining speech analytics and text analytics from all contact channels and data sources contact centers can pick up on trends and root causes and implement changes to remedy and improve first contact resolution.


Prevent: Many calls result from common, predictable causes, such as typical use patterns, lifecycle events, and self-service flaws. The combination of rich interaction analytics and unique pattern identification capabilities make it possible to prevent the next/first customer call.

Engage: by better understanding where customers have been, what they want now, and where they want to go – the customer journey, organizations can truly engage with them and enhance the customer relationship.

By capturing and analyzing customer interactions across different channels and then integrating the insights into cohesive view, organizations could surpass the obstacles and challenges that stem from complex customer journeys. In turn, they can use these valuable resources towards the strategic goal of providing an exceptional customer experience.

To learn more about how to break silos with cross channel analytics, download our free whitepaper, featuring insights from Ovum (an Informa Telecoms & Media company.

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