Putting VoC Driven Transformation into Practice

As with everything in life, the proof is very much in the pudding. The conclusion to our Voice of Customer (VoC) video blog series focuses on how the best practices which have been shared throughout the series have been put into practice by one of our clients.

The client featured in this video is a global telecoms provider, operating across 170 countries, that offers a broad range of related services to its customers. Traditionally the company was regarded as delivering sub-par service; churn rates were high and frontline employees were underperforming.

To turn this around, the NICE Fizzback professional services team met with the client to discuss how to improve service levels and drive a cultural transformation throughout the organization. They agreed to focus on five key areas in order to improve the customer experience offering:

  1. Executive Sponsorship; ensuring that senior executives understood the importance and objectives of the VoC program to help instil this throughout the organization, right down to the frontline employee.
  2. Incentive Schemes; understanding and implementing the best way to incentivise staff on customer experience metrics and to achieve high levels of performance. These incentives were applicable to both senior executives and frontline staff.
  3. Employee Engagement; ensuring that frontline employees were engaged in the VoC program. Previous programs to drive improvement had failed simply because they hadn’t engaged frontline staff throughout the process.
  4. Coaching and development; fundamentally shifting the culture of how frontline employees were coached on a daily basis. This focus shifted from coaching based on internal metrics to coaching based on what the customer thought was important.
  5. Reporting and analysis; leveraging the rich VoC data through analysis and reporting to drive action throughout the business.

By adopting the outlined approach, the client was able to gradually turn its business around and start delivering better service to its customers. Over the course of six months of dedicated work, the business achieved a whopping 56 point increase in its NPS scores.

Below, Lee Mostari, Head of Customer Transformation, presents the highlights of this success story. You can also view any of our previous posts in the series on the NICE Customer Interactions blog.

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