Provide Superior Customer Experience and Change the World

Here’s my theory in a nutshell:

Outstanding customer experience → the customer feels great → positive behavioral changes → the ripple effect → the world changes

Try to remember that last time you received outstanding service from one of the companies you do business with.

I know, it doesn’t happen a lot. But boy, when it does, don’t you just feel great?

Recently I called my favorite airline before a flight and my interaction with them was sweet: short, personal and to the point. They knew exactly who I was; they knew exactly what I wanted. Their answers were spot on.

It felt as if they were ready for me and my requests. They understood my needs. They “knew” me.

This interaction made me feel good! Surprisingly enough I felt good not only for a few minutes but for the entire day.

My entire behavior that day changed (for the better) due to that interaction. I was nicer. I smiled more. I was happy to help my colleagues at work. I even think I was a better father that day to my lovely daughter.

Every day there are millions of interactions between consumers and companies. Unfortunately many of them are very frustrating for consumers due to a bad customer experience.

So here is my theory:

Imagine that tomorrow morning each and every company in the world provided best-in-class customer experience to 100 percent of their customers.

This means that millions of people would come away feeling great.

Now you all know of the ripple effect, where an initial social interaction triggers a series of events that eventually affect situations not directly related to the initial interaction.

According to my theory, there could be millions of people changing their behaviors for the better…and prompting others do the same. WOW!

Think about this next time you service even a single customer: You could be changing the world!

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