Promoting Net Promoter Scores

March has been a busy month as my latest project is drawing to a close, just as a number of new projects are opening up!

The project just about to close was kicked off in Q4 of 2011 with a customer that has been using NICE Fizzback for around 18 months. Their Customer Experience performance had started to plateau and they required some re-energising. The customer engaged with the NICE Fizzback Transformation team and we set about scoping a project, defining some targets and setting out our plans.

Over the first couple of weeks the Transformation Team got stuck into the task-in-hand and we ran a number of executive workshops utilizing some of the talent at NICE and the senior management from the customer HQ. These workshops left the customer engaged and enthused and extremely excited about the opportunity that lay ahead. We set ourselves the target to move the Net Promoter Score (NPS) by 12 points over the course of the project, which we set as 20 weeks.

We made two small tweaks to the customer feedback and data management processes and delivered some local activities with the operational leaders of the contact centers, covering training, employee engagement and reward and recognition. In the first 8 weeks of the project their Net Promoter Scores increased by 11 points, reaching a new high point for the business unit. 16 weeks in now, we have added a further 5 NPS points, delivering 16 points overall, smashing our target and delivering 4 week early! Here is what one of the Operational Team Leaders said about the work:

“I have both been using the NICE Fizzback dashboard during weekly reviews in order to see the teams and individuals latest Customer Experience scores, dipping in and out to get the latest comments of which we have now displayed on large boards in the team areas which has gone down very well. We also refer to the NICE Fizzback solution when coaching as we ask the agent to put themselves in the customer shoes and score themselves based on their interaction. This again has been very positive as it is really embedding the whole feedback process into the agents, and with the current incentive around NICE Fizzback this is an added bonus for the agents to possibly earn some extra money!”

Delivering coaching to agents based on the customer feedback about them individually has had a massive impact on the overall customer experience being delivered, as well as driving agent motivation and engagement.

As I mentioned in my last blog, we are now in the midst of our North America road trip or to give it its proper title, Executive Breakfast Briefing Series, so definitely more to follow on this in the next week-or-so….

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