Overcoming KPI Fatigue: A Story from the Trenches (Part II)

In my last post I discussed how changing your customer KPI could re-awaken your organization and therefore re-energize the efforts of your VoC program. I promised I would share an example, and since I am a man of my word, here goes…

I made the suggestion to one of our clients to introduce Customer Effort into their customer KPI suite as a part of their transactional VoC program. Well, when I say Customer Effort, what I actually mean is Customer EaseHow easy was it to……? This had a dramatic effect on their VoC program. Disappointingly, I can’t begin to convey the extent of this effect via this article as my passion and excitement about this change is reliant on the way you read the article (so please read this in a passionate and excited way to try to create the atmosphere!)

The organization compared their CSAT and NPS results to their new and exciting Customer Ease data. As they looked at the themes of customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction, as deciphered through text analytics on unstructured feedback, they noticed new drivers of customer dissatisfaction. These were things they probably knew intuitively within their business, but had otherwise gone undetected within their VoC program. For example, when they looked at customer Issue Resolution feedback, this had been scoring relatively highly in their post-contact-center interaction Customer Satisfaction feedback for some time. However, when they compared this category to Customer Ease, they noticed a delta in performance. (See Figure 1 for ‘Customer Satisfaction vs. Ease - Following Issue Resolution’. The yellow bubble represents category as measured by Customer Satisfaction. The blue bubble shows the category as measured by Customer Ease).


Figure 1: Customer Satisfaction vs. Ease Following Issue Resolution

When they delved deeper to look into the drivers of this difference, (you are probably already ahead of me here), they found that when the customer got through to the agent, the agent did a great job of resolving the customer issue. However, the customer had tried many different attempts to resolve the issue before speaking to the agent, including via the mobile app, on the web and in the IVR system. The agent was the last in a long line of attempts to get resolution of their issue. A typical customer comment was “…agent great but web couldn’t help…”.

Spurred by this new lens on the voice of their customer, the VoC team identified the processes and customer journeys that drove the most effort and started to deliver changes which resulted in an improvement in their Customer Ease KPI. And not only that, other business metrics improved too, they saw a reduction in Operational Cost as fewer calls were unnecessarily driven into the contact center, customers were using digital service channels more and customers were, quite simply, staying as customers for longer!

So, like Madonna who keeps reinventing her music and her image to stay fresh, do your VoC program and customer KPI’s need a little reinvention?

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