Omaha, Here We Come!

On the agenda: contact center operational efficiency and so much more

Customers today are finding themselves needing to take an ‘interaction journey’ across multiple communication channels before their needs are met. This means that there is a paradigm shift in how companies and their contact centers need to measure and ensure First Contact Resolution (FCR) as well as improve Average Handle Time (AHT), two hallmarks of customer experience and contact center operational efficiency.

On October 11th, at the Roadshow Embassy Suites in Omaha – we will be presenting the NICE approach for addressing these challenges and optimizing critical KPIs such as average handle time, first contact resolution and deflection from various touch points.

We will be answering questions such as:

  • How can first contact resolution be measured consistently across multiple channels?
  • Why are interactions deflected to the contact center and not resolved at the first touch point?
  • Which parts of the interaction drive higher handle times across multiple channels?
  • Which desktop applications affect handling time most?
  • What knowledge gaps prevent agents from resolving customer issues upon first contact and extend the handle time?

To bring this to life we will have speakers from BCBS Kansas City, Manulife Financial, DMG Consulting, from NICE and the NICE User Group.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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