Obamacare and Back Office Processing

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, often referred to as Obamacare, creates a series of compliance challenges for U.S. health care providers. Failure to follow the Act can be costly to health care providers, and the penalties can be hefty.  It’s important, therefore, for back office employees to understand how to comply with state and federal regulations while also offering excellent customer service through the efficient processing of back office work.

Given the challenge of simply documenting all the changes and rules encompassed in the Affordable Care Act, not to mention any possible amendments that may arise, it is imperative to ensure transaction compliance. While traditional quality monitoring programs—such as time and motion studies—can be somewhat effective, these programs can be labor intensive and do not capture normal employee behavior the way a state-of-the-art quality system does.

Silently recording your back office employees’ desktop actions will give you an accurate picture of how well they are doing their work and provide insight into the root causes of error. With this information, you can ensure your employees are complying with your own policies as well as those of state and federal regulators. You can also use what you learn from these transactions to coach your employees for improved performance.

Given all the changes the U.S. health insurance industry is facing, it makes sense to prepare for a range of possible regulations. The wide-reaching nature of Obamacare can present your business with many new challenges as well as give you new opportunities to increase revenue. With this new law there will be even more oversight in the health care industry, so ensuring that your company is compliant should be a top priority.

And keep in mind that when all the right steps are taken, you will not only improve the knowledge of your back office employees but also increase customer satisfaction.

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