No Place Like Home for Employee Engagement

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It’s easy for organizations to get caught up trying to please their customers in every way possible. Shorter wait times? Check. Loyalty programs? Check. But must the focus be solely on the customer? Not quite. The employees deserve just as much TLC. 2014 is the year to shift the focus from the customer to the employee.

Organizations can truly become stronger by empowering their employees.

Shifting focus to employees and empowering them will lead to high-performing employees exerting control. They will want to actively take part in programs that will allow them to be more productive while taking charge of their schedules. Work-from-home programs allow just that and more. According to a recent Stanford study, employees who work from home are happier, more productive (by as much as 13%,) and less likely to quit. By working from home, it’s easier for employees to start on time due to zero commute, and stay focused because of less distractions.

Organizations also enjoy additional perks from these types of programs. Agents who work from home take less time off, and actually end up working longer hours (perhaps because they’re ‘in the zone’ while at home.) Getting full benefit from work-at-home agents requires a workforce management solution that gives them control of their schedule and that maintains a connection with the organization. When these solutions are paired with gamification mechanics, it can produce an extra boost in collaboration.

Offering agents the option to work from home can help attract and retain top talent. Engaging employees with workforce management solutions is a win for all, and the final product is happy employees, happy managers, and in turn, happy customers.

There are many more ways contact center managers can use workforce management solutions to engage their employees. Download this free paper to learn all about them, and get inspired.

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