New White Paper from Frost & Sullivan on Improving Customer Experience and Business Results

In its new white paper You Can Have It All:  Satisfied Customers AND Profitable Operations, industry analyst firm Frost & Sullivan confirmed that optimizing customer interactions is critical to improving business performance.

According to the Frost & Sullivan white paper, what successful companies have in common is that they build a system to optimize the dynamics of customer interactions, whether by phone, email, chat or social media. They do this by first listening “(across channels) to understand customer intent. Then they analyze what they are hearing to gain insight into how the intent fits with corporate goals. And then they act on that insight to affect business results in real time.”

Forward-thinking companies across many industries, such as communications, insurance and financial services, today are successfully optimizing their customer interactions with NICE’s business solutions, as driven by NICE Interaction Analytics.

According to the report, when a solution for optimizing customer service is “properly implemented, companies with this holistic view of service delivery can have it all: outstanding service, high customer retention rates, and lower costs. It is achievable for every business that is willing to look at service delivery as a dynamic process where individual interactions and contacts combine to paint a vivid, actionable picture of customer intent.”

The Frost & Sullivan white paper is based on a quantitative analysis and a worldwide survey that included in-depth qualitative interviews with contact center professionals, including senior level business and IT personnel, from a variety of industries including financial services, communications and power utilities. Click here for a complimentary copy of the whitepaper.

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