NICE to Acquire Fizzback: Amplifying the Voice of the Customer

We are very pleased to share with you the news today we announced that we have reached an agreement to acquire Fizzback, provider of a real-time Voice of the Customer (VoC) solution. With Fizzback’s solution as part of NICE’s cross-channel interaction analytics based solution, we are excited to introduce the most complete Customer Experience Management (CEM) offering available today.

The Fizzback product, which is offered in a SaaS model is revolutionizing VoC – it is real-time, it is event-driven, it achieves unheard-of response rates.

First, a little bit about how it works. Fizzback sends consumers requests for feedback relating to a specific interaction or transaction via mobile, web or social media. The consumer is engaged at the point of experience, for example in the contact center, branch, point of sale (POS), mobile application, or web. The feedback is automatically analyzed by the Fizzback product to determine a relevant response, and also automatically conducts a dialog with the consumer in natural language rather than in survey format.

Fizzback’s unique approach – real-time, natural language dialog, motivates consumers to provide relevant feedback, at the moment of interaction. This translates into game-changing response rates at up to 50%, significantly higher than industry norms at under 10%.

This combination of real-time feedback with high response rates enables Fizzback’s customers to deliver quality and statistically valid inputs to each relevant individual in the organization for prompt action. The result is improved customer satisfaction and operational efficiency, making Fizzback a strategic part of daily operations.

Fizzback fits perfectly into the NICE suite of cross-channel analytics-based business solutions for the most complete CEM offering. NICE(1) analyzes customer interaction content (indirect feedback), whether the customer is interacting with the organization or talking about the organization through the contact center, social media, or other channels, and by extracting insights from these interactions; and (2) analyzes customer behavior (inferred feedback), such as transaction and web browsing patterns or their journey along different touch points. By adding direct customer feedback with the Fizzback solution, NICE now delivers a holistic understanding of the customer by combining on one platform the VoC from each of the three feedback dimensions: direct, indirect and inferred.

The adoption of and demand for CEM solutions, at all levels of the organization, including Marketing, Finance and Operations, is on the rise. With the addition of Fizzback, NICE is expanding the scope of our capabilities of Impacting Every Customer Interaction by introducing a Customer Experience Management solution with the most complete Voice of the Customer offering.

For more information please view this presentation

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