NICE Fizzback VOC Forum 2011: A Tweeter’s Review

| December 21st, 2011
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Last week’s Voice of the Customer forum held in prestigious surroundings at the British Museum brought together over 100 delegates from industries ranging from telecoms to utilities, financial services to transport. Attendees were able to share cross-industry successes, best practices and opportunities with the NICE Fizzback solution.

I was charged with running the live tweeting at the conference – sharing with the world the brightest and sharpest CEM nuggets from our excellent guest speakers from CapitalOne and Telefonica Germany.

The crystal clear insight that emerged through the morning session was the power of real-time.

#VOCForum11 CapOne using real-time feedback to change their CC hold time music! #cxp #cem #voc

CapOne showcased the operational power of real-time. They received a spike in the volume of customer feedback about the hold time music deployed in the call centre one day; an investigation revealed that a change in music had been made unbeknownst to senior management. Through the Voice of the Customer, the issue was flagged and brought to rapid resolution.

#VOCForum11 @virginmedia driving best-in-class response rates of 56% with #cem #cxp #voc

Virgin Media gave us a great example of real-time as a best practice in CEM surveying. With customers proactively surveyed within half an hour of an interaction with their contact centre, Virgin Media have been able to secure a hugely impressive response rate of 56% through the SMS channel. This constitutes a best-in-class result; and typifies the NICE Fizzback philosophy of engaging as close to the point of experience as is technologically possible.

So we see that harnessing the power of real-time in CEM helps our clients to deliver world-class performance - and rapidly align their operation behind the Voice of the Customer.

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