NICE Acquires eglue to Turn Insights into Immediate Business Impact

On June 9, 2010, we proudly announced our acquisition of eglue, a leading provider of real-time decisioning and agent guidance solutions. Together with eglue, NICE will enable contact centers to turn insights from cross-channel interaction analytics into impact in real-time, thereby closing the loop on key business improvement processes such as optimization of handle time, first contact resolution and sales effectiveness, to name a few.

NICE and eglue aren’t new to each other. We’ve been working closely together for several years. The synergies between our offerings and potential benefits for our customers are very apparent. We address similar customer pain points with complementary solutions, that when coupled enable us to better execute upon our vision for impacting every customer interaction.

Contact center business solutions that apply insights from cross-channel analysis of customer interactions to drive real-time decisioning and agent guidance enable organizations to become more agile and impact their business on several fronts:

  • Improve customer experience
  • Drive sales success
  • Cut operational cost 

The joint offering Let’s look at a simple example. A customer contacts the contact center with a question regarding an insurance policy. NICE’s cross-channel interaction analytics reveals that the customer’s inquiry actually began with an email interaction, and shortly followed by an online chat session with the customer. Both interactions were unresolved. This understanding, together with the agent’s quality and performance scores, as well as insights from the current interaction, are all leveraged in real-time by a decisioning engine that provides the agent with personalized real-time guidance, recommending the next best action to perform– links to quickly locate the relevant information to service the request, the most suitable insurance program to up-sell or cross-sell to the customer, and the process to follow to most efficiently and effectively complete the call. The agent can also easily “play back” previous relevant interactions with the customer, including phone, chat and email.

The joint offering delivers benefits for both sides- the customer gets efficient service with a positive experience and the company reduces cost by improving first contact resolution rates and reducing call handle times, and enjoys additional revenues by executing on new sales opportunities.

Applying business insights in real time is a business imperative

In his report “Magic Quadrant for CRM Customer Service Contact Centers”, Gartner’s Michael Maoz explains that applying business insights and knowledge in real time is likely to be placed high on the agenda of organizations. Real-time solutions will offer a new means to provide a superior customer experience, increase sales revenues, reduce operation costs and enforce compliance. We believe that together with eglue we are now best positioned to provide unmatched capabilities to answer these needs. Stay tuned for more!

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