NICE 2012 Consumer Survey Report: Findings and Implications for Service Providers

NICE announced today the findings of its annual Consumer Channel Preference Survey. NICE polled around 2,000 people between the ages of 18 and 65, living in major metropolitan areas in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. The survey focused on their interactions with providers of financial, telecommunications, travel and hospitality, and healthcare and insurance services.

This white paper details the survey findings and the implications for service providers.

We found that customers today are interacting across more channels, more often, and demanding more from providers. On average, the engaged customer contacts service providers across six channels. The Internet remains the channel of choice, while smartphone apps, SMS, and social networks are on the rise.

About 86 percent of customers report that they are interacting with their service provider more often or at the same level, our survey found. One-third of respondents interact with their service providers on the web at least once a week. When customers cannot resolve their issue on the web, over 50 percent turn to contact centers with the expectation that the service provider is already aware of their problem.

This creates unique challenges for companies. Customers who are using more channels, more often, are in effect creating a big data challenge and opportunity for businesses. Service organizations that can capture, analyze, and leverage this data can impact customer interactions consistently across countless interactions and continuously throughout the lifetime of customer relationships. These organizations will not only survive the rising tide of customer interactions—they’ll thrive.

Learn more about these trends in our survey “More Channels, More Choice, More Interactions: The Challenge of Serving the Engaged Customer.”

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