Moving your Recording to the Cloud? With CXone!

​I have recently moved. Actually, we have recently moved. Me with the rest of my family. It took quite a lot of sweat and tears, some toils and almost some blood. Between the packing, the sorting, the actual moving and the contacting all our suppliers to change our address, it has not been an easy task. Now I won't bore or scare you with all the details, but I do have to share with you my recommendations. Because enterprises that don't compromise on customer experience cannot afford to make the wrong choices when it comes to moving their contact center to the cloud.

All for ONE. ONE for all.

First and foremost, you need to understand that moving is a state of mind, and not everyone is ready to move at the same time. While I was excited by the prospect of more space, my kids were not so thrilled to leave our neighborhood. For enterprises, CXone offers flexible deployments – whether on-premise, hybrid or hosted/public cloud. Enterprises choosing a hybrid solution, can move at their own rhythm. This way all their lines of businesses can migrate as and when they please, instead of dragging along some of their users who are not ready to make the switch.

However, once they are ready to make the switch, there is no time or money to be lost. To ensure efficiency, enterprises need a one-stop shop, a single cloud solution that can enable them to pack all their channels, and all their systems in a single all-encompassing solution. CXone Recording enables enterprises to capture audio, chat, e-mail and desktop for compliance, and quality assurance. Of course, it also comes with integrated omnichannel routing and a unified WFO suite for maximum elasticity, easy integration and rapid turn-up.

Besides, and to ensure optimal customer experience, even during the migration, leading contact centers cannot take any downtime. For this reason, CXone Recording offers an "always on" solution that allows you to never lose a single interaction, and guarantees 99.99% availability.

Packing is key

For a move to be successful, it needs to be carried out efficiently. And that takes me to my second point: make sure you are packed in a way that will allow you to unpack easily.

For us, the incredible amount of "stuff" accumulated over the years, was painful to sort through and after moving we stayed for weeks with cartons in the middle of the living room. For enterprises, all interactions archived need to be easily accessible. With CXone Recording you can either use a powerful search tool, to retrieve all interactions across any channel whether on-premise or in the cloud, making evaluations and retrieval much simpler.

And to make the move even more efficient and enable them to settle promptly, enterprises can benefit from optimized archiving as they choose to use long term or short-term storage so that the most important information is easily accessible. Let's say, if a line of business retains information for 6 months but another for 20 years, the system engineers can choose to store it accordingly.

This way, moving to the cloud is not about reengineering the whole data house but simply about migrating data to a new, more spacious, and flexible space. One that will help enterprises adapt quickly and deploy newer communication channels more easily.

Do not compromise on security

Yes, moving should be about making things easier and better. But in the process of doing so, security shouldn't be impaired. For this reason, we have made sure to apply the highest security and privacy principles with CXone Recording: whether it is encryption for audio and screen channels or automated pause and resume for PCI DSS.

With CXone, your data is protected in transport and at rest to make sure that you are covered every step of the way and ready for GDPR and HIPAA.

At the end of the day, moving is about getting you to the right place for your next challenges. It requires planning and coordination, and it opens up new opportunities. For these reasons, our migration path includes dedicated APIs and deep services to assist you, as well as new capabilities so that you never have to "rip and replace" again!

Read more information on our CXone Recording solution ​or contact us for more details.​

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