Merced is Now a Part of NICE

This is a big day for Merced, for our customers, our partners and for our dedicated team who have worked for 10 years to build the best Sales & Service Performance Management company in the world.

Today, Merced is formally a part of NICE. And it’s very, very exciting for us.

I’ve always wanted to see our vision validated, to see it take hold, then grow. And grow as big as it could. The reason is because I’ve had a belief that how customers are sold to by companies and supported could be so much better. Could anything be more obvious from our own personal experience? You want to be sold the things you need by more knowledgeable staff, who really know about (and care about) your interests. You want to be supported and listened to, and you want a good experience with what you’ve bought and the company that provided it. Mostly that means the prevention of problems, but when they occur, you want speedy, first time, positive resolution. All of this is conventional thinking.

But it’s way harder to do it than it seems. That’s where the Performance management vision came in. To make it easier, to make it doable. And doable by really big companies with lots of complexity and global operations.

The secret sauce was to marry data with frontline staff who interact with customers and arm them with the ability to do the right thing, to get better in the areas that really matter, and to ensure they got the coaching and the rewards to help and motivate them. Sounds simple and on one level it is.

On another level the technology to make this happen is like the proverbial duck furiously paddling its webbed feet beneath the surface. The technology made the complex easy, so a frontline sales rep or first line call center supervisor had a simple display with the right information, the right context and the right next action. We’ve spent a decade advancing this technology, and blending it with advanced business process, and a holistic organizational approach to delivering it so customers got the benefits quickly and fully. And they did, and the results have been astounding.

Vision validated, taken hold and grown. Now it’s time for the next phase of growth, as a part of NICE.

I’m personally convinced that NICE is the right place for this vision to expand to its fullest and best realization. Why? The adjacent technologies that are needed are all in place at NICE, and they are best in class. They include speech and text analytics, WFM, recording and quality management, real-time intervention, VoC/feedback management, and many more. The things we can do will blow away what Merced could have done before (and what anyone else can offer in the market), and customers will begin seeing these cross-product solutions soon. And, NICE has the global organization to deploy this broader vision to every corner of the world, to market sectors Merced could never have accessed, and service and support customers with a huge and talented organization. After scouring the market for the right next phase, we found no better place than NICE, who truly values the Merced approach, Merced’s people and our relationships with our customers. We have been made to feel incredibly welcome and valuable at NICE, and I’m deeply grateful for that and excited.

So, as this next chapter begins, I want to say thanks to everyone who worked so hard on behalf of our vision. And I want to say thank you to NICE for seeing the value in Merced and our incredible team.

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