Meet T-I-M and Watch your Business Transform

Let me introduce you to my friend. His name is T-I-M, and if you’re seeking real business transformation you desperately need him on your side.

T-I-M works transformation wonders because he understands three crucial transformation elements: Transparency, Insight and Motivation.

T-I-M knows that delivering on transparency lets employees see where they stand against targets and peers in real time. The metrics that really matter are in the hands of each and every employee. Only with greater transparency can employees take accountability for self-correction and change.

When it comes to delivering insight, no one – I mean no one – is better than T-I-M. Once every employee has transparent information, how do they digest it? You cannot leave important data in silos at corporate headquarters. To drive lasting transformation, empower coaches and employees to have frequent meaningful conversations based on insight gained from listening to real calls, looking at missed opportunities for selling, and more. Offer those rich analytics to the people who need it most – your frontline.

The fastest way to enliven a transformation initiative is to rev-up your motivational tactics.  That’s why T-I-M shares best practice through a communal library and applies gamification to recognize people for adding skills and expanding knowledge. Employees are individuals, and T-I-M encourages you to treat them as such. Make sure that incentives are varied (for example, virtual distinctions and tangible rewards) and relevant to your organization.

When your business transformation initiative is guided by T-I-M – Transformation, Insight and Motivation – your hard work is focused around three elements that matter and will produce change. These three components equip your employees with the information and enthusiasm they need to succeed. T-I-M is a powerful friend to have on your side; we’re happy to make the introduction.

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