Mastering Coaching Part One: Three Essential Technologies

We, at NICE, have a handful of Jedi Masters – people who are experts in their fields. They’ve committed years to learning their craft, possess unprecedented passion to helping people do their best work and help transform organizations in ways that even Yoda would envy.

I had the opportunity to sit down with our resident coaching master and catalogue some of his wisdom in a multi-part series of video shorts. Andy Elkind is the Director of Business Consulting at NICE. With over 30 years of expertise in workplace learning, organizational development and executive coaching he has a wealth of insight.

In the first installment, Elkind cuts through the technology clutter and illuminates the three essential technologies every organization must have for a thriving coaching ecosystem. Transparent performance data, easy access to best practice libraries and accurate documentation are needed to succeed.

Elkind offers practical ways to initiate transformation within your organization. Watch the first installment to identify technology gaps and to rethink your coaching system. Then tune in again in two weeks and hear Andy talk about the two biggest coaching traps.

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