Insights to Drive Real-Time Impact across Contact Centers and the Back Office

We’re very excited about today’s opening of IQPC’ Business Process Excellence for Telecoms & Utilities event, running through Wednesday at the InterContinental, in Miami, Florida.

There’s a great deal of excitement in today’s telecoms and utilities primarily because organizations are tired of guessing.   What customers have on their mind - is a guess.  How to stop churn before it happens – is a guess.  How to best equip employees in and out of the contact center to provide a good experience – is a guess.   Not only that, the processes and procedures of our past are not equipped to keep us ahead of our guesses and truly help us make decisions that create loyal customers, increase average revenue per user (ARPU), and lower costs.  But today, organizations don’t need to do any guessing.

My session on Day 2 will also be covering this new reality, as well as covering back office and contact center operational efficiency solutions that utilize advanced technologies that:

  • Help improve operational KPIs that are at the top of operation priority lists
  • Help drive efficiency into both back-office processes and interactions with customers on multiple channels
  • Accurately time-measure back-office processes in order to provide missing visibility needed for identifying inefficiencies.

We look forward to seeing you at the event!

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