Innovation that Makes Customers’ Lives Easier

“We cannot solve our problems by using the same thinking that created them” – Albert Einstein

Innovation is the key to making the way we interact with each other and with our service providers quicker, easier and more engaging. So it’s great to see that Call Center Helper is acknowledging those companies breaking new ground to bring innovation to the contact center through the Technology Awards 2014.

We’re really excited that Real-Time Authentication has been nominated for the awards because it’s changing the way customers interact with their bank, cellular provider, insurance provider and favorite airline. The solution totally eliminates the annoying security question at the beginning of every call by leveraging voice biometrics to authenticate customers in the first few seconds of the call.

I’ve never asked a friend for their mother’s maiden name. See how this new technology will make sure that no service representative asks you “What’s your mother’s maiden name” ever again.

To vote for NICE Systems – Real-Time Authentication, please click here.

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