Improve CX and Get Closer to your Customers in 5 Steps

Call centers have the power to help businesses achieve goals that are critical to their success. However, the success of the company doesn’t rest in the hands of the agents alone - it takes more than speedy customer service. Leading technologies pave the way to unparalleled CX, knocking out competition. The benefits of using these innovative solutions include increased engagement and having a better understanding of customer needs to act upon in real-time.

Here are 5 steps to hit the ground running:

1) Choose Compatible Technologies

The most effective contact centers rely on open, universal technologies. These technologies are proven and have an extensive global support network. Why do they go this route? It is to eliminate concerns over compatibility over new technologies or products from different vendors. If an incompatible system is used, it poses a huge limitation in reaching the overall goals of the business.

2) Leverage Insights from Big Data

Big Data helps capture complete potential and value through analysis from all sources. It’s not limited to the reports coming from the contact center. The insights that come out of Big Data are extremely valuable in terms of marketing campaigns, and also prove to be of help for decision-makers to take strategic and timely actions. The right tools will help consolidate both the structured and the unstructured data, and go onto mining it for intelligence that is distributed across each aspect of the business.

3) Let Customers’ Voices be Your Compass

The Voice of the Customer must be factored with great importance in order to transform into a customer-centric company. Transaction and Interaction Analytics come into play by giving companies insight on the customer lifecycle. Actionable insights are also provided, to smooth rough edges on each channel. Paying close attention to the Voice of the Customer naturally enhances the flow of interactions as well, by uncovering dissatisfaction on the other line.


4) Engage and Empower Employees

Maximum productivity is one of the main goals for service workers. Employees who are engaged and empowered generate the greatest results on their own. Their motivation encourages them to improve based on performance gaps, goals, and individual KPIs. Organizations can use innovative tools to give their employees access to such analytics-driven insight. When coupled with gamification, employees feel more control and ownership over their schedules, with the added element of fun.

5) Partner With Contact Center Solution Experts And Business Consultants

External experts from a carefully chosen vendor play a significant role in giving contact centers the boost they may need. They can also help reinforce the efforts of the staff, and help increase the effectiveness of both the technologies and systems that have been chosen.

Previously, the focus of the call center was solely cost-savings with quick customer service. Today, in addition to offering a human touch point, its role has evolved to that of a multi-channel one that focuses on operational effectiveness as the key to realizing the more critical goals of the business. Having the right technologies and systems in place will help businesses get closer to the customers, thereby expanding revenue opportunities and creating superior customer experience.

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